berkualiti baik keping laser pemotongan khidmat bahagian logam dengan proses lenturan stamping

Berkualiti baik pemotongan laser khidmat laser keping logam dengan stamping proses lenturan

Butiran Cepat

Product name: custom laser cutting service
Material: brass ,aluminum ,stainless steel
Perkhidmatan: OEM
Name: custom laser cutting service
Item: cnc laser cutting parts
Application: device shell ,sheet metal
Surface treatment: Sandblasting,anodizing ,painting
Equipment: CNC Machining Centres
Keyword: sheet metal parts


Our Team

Our Value::Keep learning,communication,flexibility,honesty and care what customers care.
Our Pursuit: justice, integrity, economy, environmental protection, innovation and win-win.
Our Missiom:To build a platform for every employee get equal opportunities for development, continuously improve themselves, and through the platform with customers from all over the world to establish cooperative relations of equality and mutual benefit business.
Our Goal:
1.All the employee’s income is higher than average level in the same industry;
2.All the employee’s happiness index is higher than aveage level in the same industry;
3.Integrating resources to be come an influential domestic manufacturer of aluminum product/s in five years;
4.We are dedicated to improve technology innovation of Teenagers,Set up R&D center,Using high precision equipment to produce high quality products,be able to enhance the development of teenager’s technology level。


Penerangan Produk

Extrusion machine,CNC machining Center, CNC turning machining,CNC milling,Grinding machine,Milling machine,Lathe Tapping Machines,Drilling Machines,drawbench, sandblasting machine,Anodizing Auto Line,laser cutting,Punching,Bending machine,Welding machine , powder coating / painting auto line
Measuring & testing equipment
µChecker,CMM, CCD Projector , Roughness Tester , Roundness Tester, Projector Metallurgical Microscopy ,TRIMOS VECTRA Touch ,Hardness Tester, Tool Microscope ,Height Gauge , Mini Horizontal, Inspec vision
aluminum Alloy, stainless steel chrome steel, Spcc, POM , carbon fiber
bearing steel, brass, copper, bronze, chrome copper, mold steel .etc
Rawatan permukaan
Plated nickel,copper, zinc .etc. and anodized (Anodic oxidation can accord with MIL - A - 8625 Type II standards ) Hard Anodizing,owder coated, polished ,sand blasted, chemical surface treatment. as


Soalan Lazim

Q: Adakah anda syarikat atau pengeluar dagangan?
A: Kami adalah kilang.

S: Berapa lamakah masa penghantaran anda?
J: Secara amnya, ia adalah 5-10 hari jika barangan tersebut ada dalam stok. atau 15-20 hari jika barangan tidak ada dalam stok, ia mengikut kuantiti.

Q: Adakah anda menyediakan sampel? Adakah ia percuma atau tambahan?
J: Ya, kami boleh menawarkan sampel untuk caj percuma tetapi tidak membayar kos tambang.